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Italian Dj🍝🇮🇹📀


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Cianferoni Matteo
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I'm Mr.Cianfe, your DJ for a journey through the rhythm and passion of house music! I am an Italian boy, born in Paris. I lived for 5 years in Spain in Valencia and then moved to Italy for the rest of my adolescence, in Florence. Now I've been living in Paris for 5 months, and I've become a fairly renowned DJ in the Saint-Geramain district. I am a passionate and experienced DJ with years of experience in creating unforgettable atmospheres through my music. House music is my passion and specialty, and I'm here to bring my enthusiasm and contagious energy to your next event. Why choose me: Passion and dedication: House music is more than just music to me, it is an art form that I am deeply passionate about. This is reflected in my performance, where I put my heart and soul into every set I play. Versatility and adaptability: I can adapt my style and music selection to a wide range of events, including clubs, private parties, weddings, corporate events and more. Whatever the occasion, I'm ready to make you dance until dawn! Positive feedback: My performances have always received enthusiastic feedback from audiences and event organizers. My priority is to ensure that every person in attendance has a good time and create unforgettable memories through music. I'm excited to partner with you to create an amazing musical experience for your next event. Contact me today to discuss the details and plan a performance that will surprise and delight your audience!



I played in several events and evenings in Italy in Florence, and around Tuscany. in Paris I became known in Saint Germain, playing at teenagers' parties.


I started playing at the age of 15, my father gave me my first cionsole at Christmas. Then I started to get passionate and become more and more known.


What I can offer: Unique experience: With a mix of innovative sounds and fast-paced rhythms, I will transform your event into an unforgettable party. From more relaxed atmospheres to explosions of energy on the dance floor, I have the perfect mix for every occasion. Vast and varied repertoire: My repertoire ranges from classic house tracks to the latest hits of the genre. I am able to adapt my music selection to your preferences and the theme of your event, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience for everyone in attendance. Professionalism and reliability: I do my utmost to ensure the success of your event. From planning to performance, you can count on me to provide professional, timely, high-quality service.

Logistique et Ă©quipement

I have a Pjoner console, a DDJ-FLX4, but I also know how to play with other consoles of different ranks. I own everything here in Paris except the stereo system. for the rest I can also take care of assembling everything myself.

Montage et déplacements

I know how to assemble any type of sound system. I have any wire to connect any speaker.

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